Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salt

Luxurious handcrafted all natural bath salts and real dried lavender buds.The perfect way to unwind after a long, hard day. Just toss a handful of bath salts (2-4 tablespoons) into a warm running bath. Stir around with your hand to help bath salts dissolve. Step into relaxation!Made with all natural ingredients, no artificial colors, fragrances or chemicals.

Just natural body pampering ingredients to help relax your body and soften your skin.


The Bath Salt can be used to softly scrub away the dead skin and increase blood circulations in the new cells so that the skin becomes more supple and tight. The Bath salt can also be used for a nice deep long bath to relax and calm the body and to enrich the skin..or can also be used for a Feet Soak (pedicure) or Hand soak(Manicure) after a long day of shopping and walking around..


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