Argan&Neroli Hydrating cream for combination skin 50ml

Neroli Hydrosol is extremely useful for oily parts of the skin as it balances the ratio of moisture and sebum in the skin. Being good for oily parts of the skin doesn’t mean it is bad for dry areas. So .. it is just perfect for combination skin. 
Here we can see how amazingly versatile Argan oil is. It suits almost all skin types and it blends perfectly with Neroli Hydrosol, nourishing those dry cheeks and helping in balancing sebum production on the forehead. It wouldn’t be fair to leave out Virgin Hazelnut oil - the best carrier oil for combination and oily skin. It adsorbs rapidly, pulling Argan oil with itself deep inside the skin and it strongly regulates sebum secretion. And, of course, Centella which tones the skin and stimulates microcirculation and collagen production.

Caution: Contains virgin Hazelnut oil so for people allergic to hazelnuts we recommend first to test the cream on the small area of the skin for any signs of allergic reaction.


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