Navrasa Men's Shaving Cream with Signature Blends

Navrasa Shaving Cream is an exceptional organic formulation that is devoid of any alcohol, parabens, sulphates or any chemical which makes it ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. Just a pea of cream is sufficient for the ultimate shaving experience.

This nourishing, creamy & soothing cream softens the beard to ensure a close shave and protects skin from razor burn and irritation. It provides a protective cushion between the skin and razor, for a close shave without redness or irritation.

Made with certified Organic Oils and Butters, it forms a luxurious lather and produces a protective barrier over your skin, allowing for improved razor glide and helping to shield your skin from burns, nicks and ingrown hairs.

Directions of Use: 
Wet the face and apply a little amount of Shaving Cream to a shaving brush and use the brush to apply across the area to be shaved, the action of the brush and the cream will gently prepare the area to be shaved. Shave as normal and then rinse with clean warm water. The cream can be applied with either a shaving brush or your fingers. The brush has the added advantages of producing warm lather, further lifting the beard off your face, and gently exfoliating the skin.


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