Puff of Patchouli...

Puff of Patchouli - Set of 4 votive candles

Round Votive candles( 1.5" d x 2" h ) - 4 pieces in a box.


Colour - Peach


Burn Time 15 - 18 hours


Fragrance  - A sensual and sedating combination of Patchouli and Frankincense essential oils. The earthy sweet aroma is mysteriously soothing to the senses and puffs away the worries of the day. This candle has a rich, balsamic flavor witha minty-woody understone charateristic of patchouli leaves. 

Usage - The fragrance throw is best for small enclosed areas like bedside, study table, bathroom due to the small size of the votive candles. Alternatively, they can be spread around in a larger area and lit simultaneously to create a stronger fragrance throw.


Caution - Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".  A too long wick creates too high a flame causing the candle to burn faster. Keep out of direct sunlight. To be burnt in a snug fitting glass votive holder only. Votive holder not included