Velvet Vanilla Votive...

Velvet Vanilla - Set of 4 votive candles

Round Votive candles( 1.5" d x 2" h ) - 4 pieces in a box.


Colour - White


Burn Time 15 - 18 hours


Fragrance  - A warming and relaxing blend of Vanilla Absolute, Oakmoss and Balsam Peru essential oils. The sweet scent of Vanilla is held firmly in earthy balsamic peru balsam with a middle note of musky Oakmoss. This candle is warming and opening and is considered a gentle aphrodisiac as well. 

Beware of store bought Vanilla candles as most 'Vanilla' fragrances are synthesized from hydrocarbons, also known as fragrance oils. We use only pure Vanilla absolute in our candles which is manufactured by solvent extraction method from real vanilla pods after a labourous curing process. This is the closest one can get to real Vanilla as the steam distillation method(essential oil) doesn't work for Vanilla beans. 

Usage - The fragrance throw is best for small enclosed areas like bedside, study table, bathroom due to the small size of the votive candles. Alternatively, they can be spread around in a larger area and lit simultaneously to create a stronger fragrance throw.


Caution - Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".  A too long wick creates too high a flame causing the candle to burn faster. Keep out of direct sunlight. To be burnt in a snug fitting glass votive holder only. Votive holder not included

Wooden Wicks  - Also available with wooden wicks, please mention your preferrred wick at the time of check out