Wooden wicks -...

Cinnamon Cannon - Set of 4 votive candles with wooden wicks

Round Votive candles( 1.5" d x 2" h ) - 4 pieces in a box.

Colour - Red


Burn Time 15 to 18 hours 


Fragrance - An explosion of Cinnamon leaves behind a mysterious trail of vanilla in its wake. This perky mix has a top note of Cinnamon essential oil on base notes of Vanilla and Patchouli.
Did you know that a cinnamon enhances creativity? The incessant soft crackle of wooden wicks will remind you of a fireplace. Burn them and let the magic begin!

All candles are fragranced with 100% pure essential oils. None of these blends/fragrances are available in store bought candles as these are my personal creations. I love experimenting with unique fragrances and each candle fragrance takes hundred of hours of testing and perfecting. 

Usage - The fragrance throw is best for small enclosed areas like bedside, study table, bathroom due to the small size of the votive candles. Alternatively, they can be spread around in a larger area and lit simultaneously to create a stronger fragrance throw. These candles also serve as a trial pack to test the fragrance before you decide to invest in the larger sizes available on my store. 


Caution - Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".  Wooden wicks are self trimming but you might need to snip off the unever bits before every burn. A too long wick creates too high a flame causing the candle to burn faster. Keep out of direct sunlight. To be burnt in a snug fitting glass votive holder only. Votive holder not included