penguine pillow front

Handmade penguin pillow cushion for kids

Whether this adorable penguin pillow is chill-in on your bed, couch, or beside the bay window, it's sure to steal your heart with every squeeze! Hand-crocheted with a circular silhouette, this accent pillow features an all-black back and white-colored face adorned with a pair of precious wings, small circular eyes, in addition to a gold beak and petite feet. Just slide around your space until you find the perfect spot, and this plush pet will ensure every movie marathon or afternoon of reading is a comfy, cuddle-worthy affair this adorable arctic bird is sure to warm up any room. 

made with very soft and cozy yarn size approx. 14 inches in diameter filled with poly fiberfill. 

Note: please allow 2-3 days to make it after your order. 


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