Shaded Brown Table...

Shaded brown tabke decor set #91

These table decor items are made using cotton cord and Silk.
Set includes

 Fruit basket L=36cm, W=20 cm, H=7.5cm (1pc)

Tissue box L=28cm, W=17cm,  H=17cm Tissue box has zipper at the base (1pc)

Multipurpose basket L=33cm, W=10cm, H=7.5cm (1pc)

Hot pot Coasters Diameter =19cm (4pcs)

Tea coasters Diameter=10cm (6pcs)

Colours= Dark brown , beige.

*Customized colours available
*All items are coated with stain and liquid repellent spray.
*This set requires 3 working days time to be dispatch.
*Shipping time 3 to 5 working days.