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Hello Rosemary Solid Shampoo Bar

Say hello to my Rosemary shampoo bar.


What is solid shampoo bar, you ask?

A solid shampoo bar consists of natural plant oils with no added water. There are no added foam boosters, detergents, synthetic oils, synthetic fragrances or any other artificial or synthetic ingredients. My Rosemary Shampoo bar is an all natural, gentle, eco-friendly hair cleanser.

How do I use a solid shampoo bar?

Thoroughly wet hair and wet the solid shampoo bar. Rub bar directly into hair gently from side to side and down the length of your hair, repeating until you create a good lather. Set the bar down and with your fingertips; work the lather into your hair. Rinse thoroughly.


How do I store a solid shampoo bar?

My preferred method for storing solid hair care products is out in the open where air can circulate around the bar. This helps the bar to re-harden completely between uses, increasing the amount of uses you will get out of each bar.


This listing is for one solid shampoo bar that comes with its own pouch which can be used to keep it dry between uses. 


Available: 3
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