Portrait example #3

Portrait example #3

I specialise in hand-drawn pencil and graphite portraits. My specialty is drawing portraits from photographs, whether the images be taken by myself or sent in by you.  All advertised sketches are in A3 size.  These are not for sale, but are examples of my work should you be interested in commissioning a portrait from me.

When I create a portrait my goal is not to merely draw a likeness of the person, but to capture their unique character and emotion. It is an exciting process because it is about rendering the essence of the person in a work of art that you can display proudly in your home or office.

If you are interested, and considering ordering one of my hand-drawn, customized portraits, you can message me about commissioning a portrait for you by clicking on 'ASK ME ABOUT THIS ITEM' on the right of the page, or send me an email to: eileen@artbyeileen.net  Feel free to attach a photograph if you have one available and tell me about your ideas you are under no obligation to purchase. I will reply by email within 24hrs to discuss your artwork further. 

If you need help choosing a photo, check out my Photo Tips for the best results. 



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