Siddharth Siva Ideyna


This limited edition print is sized 11" x 14" (28 x 36cm) and is printed on high quality, archival fine art paper.  The print is part of a limited edition of 50.  Each print is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  If you are interested in alternative sizes please get in touch.

This image was photographed in Dubai by locally based photographer Siddharth Siva.  Learn more about Siddharth and his image below.


Abandoned is an exploration into the loneliness of the mind in a teeming metropolis. It underlines the trending obsession with the ’new’ and rejection of anything beyond its prime. In this image Siddharth Siva aims to contemplate his own sense of belonging in a city marked with constant transience.
"What is the nature of human connections in an environment rife with ephemeral roots? What is our own relationship to the city we fleetingly call home?" An attempt to jolt us out of our collective fugue, these are some of the questions Abandoned aims at planting into our consciousness.

Artist Bio

Siddharth Siva discovered his passion for photography in Bombay where his work began, influenced by the city’s frenetic, chaotic energy. An ardent student of fine art photography, he co-founded Frame of Mind, a collective with three other photographers and exhibited his work.
He relocated to Dubai, UAE in 2004, where he worked as a photo editor with a magazine publishing firm until 2008.  Being naturally curious, the cultural diversity of Dubai’s landscape served to grow and inform his work.
Siddharth works as an editorial and commercial photographer while pursuing his personal photographic projects in Dubai.


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