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United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
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HUHA DOLLS - fairy creatures! Thanx for visiting my GIFT SHOP. Let me introduce my CUTIES. Huhas are kind forest spirits, who rarely communicate with people and like to stay invisible. Only GOOD HEART and bright mind people CAN SEE Huhas. These spirits often help travelers who got lost in the woods or warn of the dangers that wait for them in the forest. Some Huhas love to live in people houses. I call them Huhomy. Huhomy brings love and passion into your home and protect it day and night. As they like to say "Huhomy on duty!". Check it out. Someone is waiting for new LOVING home. DOLLS are COLLECTABLE, not for playing. There are NEW BEAUTIES in the making stages, KEEP AN EYE out for them and many other items SOON. Hope it helped you to FIND the one who'd be your dearest GIFT SOLUTION.
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