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United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
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A Rags-to-Riches Process A rag here, some old lace there, discarded embroidery, tarnished silver, colorful beads… many of the pieces used are discarded pieces of fabrics collected from tailoring shops . Each piece is handmade by the designer herself – Minakshi Nagu – who works from her garage-turned-workshop in Sharjah, UAE. Fashion often seems keen to depersonalize women, preferring to dress them like robots, machinery or space invaders. But modern fashion is about diversity, and RAGMATAZZ offers a softer, more colorful patchwork and appliqué work alternative. This is sophisticated patchwork, often in multicolored prints that are strong, modern and multinational! Nothing whatsoever to do with little old grannies sitting under ancient apple trees. No two pieces are ever exactly alike as they are individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.

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