Aya Bugzet

Aya Bugzet

  Miss Aya Bugzet is a cute forest spirit  who came to take care of her 2 small sisters and to see our world too. When Aya head that Emilly and Chloe got ready for a new adventure she couldn't let them go alone.   

  Today is missing her beautiful meadow, full of flowers, bees, bugs and joyful mini mice and soo much waiting for her new friend and new home.  Miss Aya also has a small baggage (a self-stick book for her notes and a pen) and the teleporting box for sure. 

Here are all the measurements:

Teleporter:      L 40cm          

                         W 25cm          

                         D 15cm

Weight:           0,8kg

By the way, Aya is the elder sister so her height is 35cm. Don't ask girls about their weight)))
Aya base is made of cotton fabric stuffed with padding polyester. Other materials: cotton fabrics, felt, beeds, threads, ribbons, buttons, synthetic hair, fabric acrylic colours...


Available: 1