stick camel

Hobby Camel (Stick Camel)

A Victoria Jean best seller!!

Does your little desert nomad need transportation in his or her journeys? This fun, unique toy will surely take your child anywhere the imagination can! Perfect for costumes, birthday party favors, or just having fun!


  • Recommended for kids ages 2+ this camel stands roughly 1 meter tall.
  • Made of felt
  • You can choose from a variety of removeable "necklaces" to bedazzle your camel - ensuring it will win any beauty contests you may enter it in!
  • Stitched on lashes and embroidered nostrils mean no buttons can fall off.
  • A removable lead allows the camel and its rider to be led through their desert caravans.
  • A safety knob inside the head helps prevent injuries to your little tot. Additional protective knob on the end can be added upon request to protect your floors. 
  • Attached to the stick with high-quality, durable quilting thread and stitched through the pole itself to ensure this toy lasts as long as possible.


Additional colors available. Please ask for more information. Spot clean only

Please allow a few days before shipping so I can be sure you have the right color necklace and your camel is safely packed for the journey to you. If you want more than one camel, please allow extra time.


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